Carine Roitfeld collaborates with MAC

Who doesn’t want to be Carine Roitfeld? The whip-thin former French Vogue editor has the best rock-chic style, collaborates with fashion powerhouses Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld and has cheekbones so sharp they’d slice bread.

Thanks to MAC’s collaboration with her, we can all pretend to be her. Today, Matthew I am Carine. Yes, I’m wearing the Full Face Kit in Dessert Camouflage. I’ve got wall-to-wall black eyes, a little star in liquid eyeliner and a nude mouth. It’s so far removed from my normal makeup but I feel  completely empowered. I’ve just come out of a meeting where, aside from telling people the star wasn’t a prison tattoo, I felt the full Roitfeld effect and loved it.

Good Luck Star, $50, Full Face Kit, $115. Tropical Mist Lipstick, $42. This is a limited edition from October 1. Put your name down now for these much-anticipated colours.