Eye spy: The latest beauty trends for peepers that pop

If the eyes are the windows to your soul they need some great curtains. Keep yours in line with new beauty trends and shape up with a little TLC.

Metal works
Whether it was subtle silver sparkles at Fendi, an over-the-top application of red and bronze glitter at Serkan Cura, enchanting green shimmer at Versace or glistening gold at Elie Saab, our little eyes spied a whole lot of metallic eye-shadow at the Paris AW Couture shows last month. Suffice to say, shimmering eyelids are major right now. Don’t be deterred by the metallic makeup faux pas of your youth, the new metallic shadows are a super wearable way to modernise a smoky, sultry cat-eye, or add a touch of ice-queen to an otherwise neutral look. Minimalist? Add a highlight to the inner corner of lids.


Mascara madness
Just when you’ve found that Holy Grail mascara that actually gives you the evenly coated, perfectly separated lashes of your dreams, the world turns on its axis and all of a sudden clumpy is a coveted look. No one ever said fashion was fair, but it sure is interesting. The good news is this doll effect is easy to achieve (you could say a little too easy!) and it’s a breeze to maintain – forget touching up throughout the day, the more worn-in the better.


Line and define
According to the Paris catwalks, tightlining (where eyeliner is applied to the waterline of the eye, instead of just above or below the lashes), is here to stay. Best achieved with a water-resistant kohl pencil, it gives lashes the illusion of fullness by closing the gap between your lashes and your eyes. Back by popular demand, too, is graphic eyeliner, as seen in cobalt blue at Jean Paul Gaultier, messy black at Ulyana Segeenko (think ‘I slept in my makeup, then woke up like this’), and mod black at Maison Anoufa (although we draw the line at eyeliner for lip liner).


Brow trends
After more than a few seasons in the spotlight, it would appear that bold brows are now taking a bit of a backseat. Yes, natural was the name of the (brow) game at the Paris couture shows, but natural need not mean ungroomed. Try giving brows a boost with a conditioning serum (we like Shiseido’s Full Lash Serum) and then lightly fill with powder or simply embrace brow gel. Either way, squared off, highly-arched and super defined is done, so put that brow kit down.


For whiter, sparkling eyes
If the whites of your eyes look lacklustre after a big night out or a long week at work, whitening eye drops will be your new best friend. The active ingredients narrow the swollen blood vessels that cause redness – your eyes will be whiter and brighter in no time (but beware of overuse, as this can have the opposite effect). If eye drops aren’t for you, counteract discolouration by swapping black mascara for blue. Blue eye makeup balances the red and yellow tones that can make your eyes seem less than sparkly, so you could also try blue eyeliner or even coloured contacts. Discolouration is a symptom of dry, irritated eyes, often the result of too much screen time. For every 20 minutes you spend staring at the screen, blink very slowly 10 times to re-wet your eyes and prevent discolouration at the source.


On spec
The key to wearing makeup with glasses is to ensure features are defined, so eyeliner and mascara is a must. Navy or burgundy gel liner is a good way to keep shape without competing with the frames of your glasses. Brush brows into shape and choose frames that sit equal height to them or slightly higher. Try out a hydrating long-wear foundation that wont rub onto frames or leave gaps where they sit at the bridge of your nose.

Sun sense
They’re a chic way to finish off an outfit and they hide a multitude of sins, but the benefits of a cool pair of sunnies don’t stop there. Their most important job is to protect eyes from damaging harmful UV rays. But UV rays also damage the delicate skin around the eye, which can encourage wrinkles, so think of wearing sunglasses as an extension of beauty maintenance.


Under eye care
FQ loves Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate. Since its launch in September 2014, Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity — in fact, one bottle of Ultimune is sold every 18 seconds! Imagine our excitement, then, to learn that this immunity-activating skincare is now available in a targeted formula specifically developed for the delicate eye area. Based on 20 years of skin-immunity research, Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate is formulated with Shiseido’s award-winning technology, Ultimune Complex, and the exclusive new ImuMoisture Extract.

Designed to work with your current eye-care products, this pre-cream is the only eye concentrate that has been proven scientifically to boost the skin’s immunity. So, not only does it have a restorative function, improving the skin’s texture and appearance by combating dark circles and signs of aging – and making everything a whole lot smoother and softer! – it actually strengthens the skin’s resistance to damage and age-inducing factors. The product is perfect for all women concerned about the creeping signs of ageing around the eye area, and is formulated for all skin types and ethnicities.

Photos: Getty Images