Kate Hudson – the face of Almay

We are mad about celebrity Kate Hudson: Not only as the face of Almay, but as a gorgeous mother of two. Here’s a taste of our interview in the August issue of Next magazine on sale now.

What’s your secret to looking young and natural? 

I think sleep is very important; although sometimes you get six hours and you look fresher than you did getting eight, so you never know!

How did you get back into shape so quickly after having yoursecond baby, Bingham?

I really think he was such a voracious eater that when I breastfed it just burned calories off me. With (first child) Ryder I didn’t have that; I had to just work out and eat right to get down to my natural weight. On top of that, I work out quite a bit and I dance a lot.

How do you feel about being the face of Almay?

I really love the message Almay (maker of hypoallergenic, cruelty-free cosmetics) is putting out there and the fact they’re bringing more colour and youthfulness to the brand. It feels good to be part of recreating the brand and getting it out there.

What is your favourite product and why?

The Almay eyeliner. It’s so creamy, it goes on really nicely and the black is very black. Also, I was given the Chantecaille Nano Gold Energising Face Cream ($830, available at Mecca Cosmetica), and when you put it on it really does do something; it sort of lifts your face.

Are there any iconic beautiful women who inspire you?

My mother [actress Goldie Hawn] is not only iconic in my little world, just for being my mum, but in her public image. I feel very privileged to have her as my real role model. Nothing compares to having a mum who has been a role model from day one.

What beauty rules did your mum pass on to you?

My mum is so spiritual; her life focus is about reaching and understanding one’s joy and happiness. She’d tell me what will really make you feel beautiful and happy is what your focus and priorities are in life. I know this is so cheesy, but when you see somebody happy, laughing, peaceful and calm, it is really beautiful. It takes a room over, and it doesn’t matter how much makeup or how successful or how gorgeous anyone else is in the room.

New this month: Almay Wake-Up Liquid makeup, SPF 20, $32 it’s like applying a light moisturiser with a tint. There are six shades.