How to get a ‘no makeup’ makeup look in 15 minutes flat

Tibi runway. Photo / Getty Images


Is the no makeup look really possible?

The beauty industry is going gaga for the ‘no makeup’ makeup look right now, however when it comes to effort, it’s being touted as one of the trickiest trends to get right. Why? Apparently it takes more effort to get a ‘no makeup’ look than it does to create a full face, so with this in mind the FQ team decided to put it to the test – and at the FQ Swim Show no less.

Backstage and with less than ten minutes to go until our guests began rolling in, we set out to create a perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look the easiest way possible. The mandatories were fresh glowing skin, lush brows and a flawless finish so we turned to some of our favourite makeup staples. Our verdict? Forget what you heard, the ‘no makeup’ look is easy with the right products on hand.

No makeup makeup look

Take a look below for the FQ step-by-step:

1. Apply Garnier BB Cream to your face and neck, blending well (there’s no need to use a moisturiser or sunscreen as this product has it all in one). Skip the concealer and use a makeup sponge to build more product wherever you need extra coverage – under your eyes and through any problem areas.

2. Take a large brush and sweep bronzer in a ‘3’ shape from the corner of your forehead over the cheekbone and down along the jawline (remember you’re after a natural look so this is where the sun naturally hits your face). Tap a little bronzer at the end of your nose as well. Top tip – for a truly natural look pick a bronzer that’s just a few shades darker than your skin tone.

3. Dab a cream highlighter over the high points of your face – down the bridge of the nose, across the top of the cheekbones, over the brow bone and on the cupid’s bow.

4. Sweep clear brow mascara through your brows, brushing them up and out to make them look fuller.

5. Using your finger to give you maximum colour payoff, rub your bronzer over your top lid and across your lower lashline, then blend to soften the edges with a clean finger.

6. Lift your upper eyelid and run a brown eyeliner along your upper waterline, working into the base of the lashes. This will enhance your eyes without making it look like you’re wearing a liner. Finish off with two coats of mascara.