New nail art – Chanel’s Le Vernis May Silver combination

Nail look of the week…… we love Chanel’s new Le Vernis May and Silver combination, $46. I’ve never been a big nail art fan; for me it’s all about a discreet pastel pink shade on short, square nails. But this season Chanel has created a look that has made me see this trend in a brand new light. 

How to get the look:

Step one:

Apply base coast. Once dry, with a steady hand apply one coat (not two as this will take too long to dry) of silver lacquer.

Step two:

Next, with the pink polish, paint a vertical line straight down the centre of the nail, leaving a gap on either side and above the cuticle to show off the shimmer of silver underneath.

Step three:

Make sure the outline of silver is even on all three sides. Apply two coats of the pink polish so that it has a glossy finish and you cannot see any silver through the pink.

Step four:

Finally, apply top coat for extra shine and protection.