Winter 2015 nail trends

When winter rolls around, it’s a pretty safe bet that dark moody nail colours will be the best hues to choose. While there’s no denying we’ll be sporting blacks, navies and oxblood reds this season, we know that for 2015 it’s more about nailing the texture than the tone. We’re talking leather and pearl topcoats, matte, glitter, intricate art and (wait for it) well buffed, but totally naked nails.

Here we take a look at some of the most exciting products on the shelves this season, to add a little bit of fun to your fingertips.

There’s so much scope when it comes to nail art, it’s safe to say – anything goes. Choosing a design to complement an outfit for a special event always adds a little extra touch of chic and we love the creativity of these delicate designs from Pop Nails by Imogen Bevan. If you’re brave enough to try some DIY nail art, The Body Shop’s Nail Pen, $15.95 is the perfect tool for creating everything from intricate patterns to simple spots.

MAC’s Studio Nail Lacquer in Texturize, $26 gives a whole new dimension to your existing polish collection. This leather-effect top coat can be applied over the top of any nail colour to add a subtle, smooth-to-touch texture that still has a hint of shine.

Another polish from MAC designed to add an extra bit of spunk to your mani is the Studio Nail Lacquer in Green Pearl, $26. This golden green effect is perfect when layered over your dark wintry shades to give a metallic shimmer which transforms in tone under different light.

If you’re looking to really shake things up, it’s time to get acquainted with Rimmel London’s Velvet Matte Nail Collection, $9.99. There’s no need to mess around with a special top coat, now you watch your lacquer go from glossy to matte in seconds as it dries.

Glitter nail polish is nothing new, but it’s a timeless classic if you’re looking to add an element of fun without the fuss. The longer strands add a modern element to this Faby Nail Lacquer in Season’s Greetings Shirley, $20, setting it apart from regular glitter flecks in terms of both look and feel.

You heard right, one of the key trends for winter nails is to wear nothing at all! Let’s make it very clear that this doesn’t mean you can neglect your nails, in fact, quite the opposite. When going naked, caring for your cuticles and nails is key to keeping you looking polished, without the polish. Create shine by using a buffer such as The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block, $8.50 and help keep nail beds nourished by applying cuticle oil like Essie Nail Care Apricot Oil, $24.99 regularly.