New from Olive

With warmer weather on the way, we have gone into summer skin detox mode! Exfoliating away dry winter skin, brightening up any dullness and re-moisturising is top of our to-do list.
Olive Body Care has just announced two new products that are designed to brighten hydrate and remove impurities for perfect glowing skin.
The Clarifying face wash is a great every day cleanser to eliminate any build-up of makeup and dirt and the Olive Illuminating face polish gently remove dead skin cells and other nasty’s that can get into our pores. Both of these products contain gorgeous natural ingredients such as olive leaf extract, manuka honey and sugar cane extract so you know you will only be left with healthy radiant skin and no nasty chemical residue.

Olive-50ml Illuminating Face Polish-Product 2Olive-Clarifying face wash-Product 1

Olive clarifying face wash $22.95 and Olive illuminating face polish $26.95 are both available at Farmers, Pharmacies and also online at