Review: Beauty Award winners from Pure Fiji





Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub, $66.50

There is never a wrong time to use this body scrub! This all-year-round beauty buy is a must-have in everyone’s arsenal of body products. Bursting with beautiful ingredients including virgin coconut oil, nut extracts and fresh sugar cane crystals, this scrub will work to exfoliate rough, dry skin and polish your skin beyond belief. I love to use this before a special event to make sure my skin is glowing.

For the best results, I sit the pot of scrub onto the shower floor with the lid on to soften up the mixture making it easier to apply. With damp skin and the shower turned off, I then apply a scoop full of scrub rubbed between my hands onto my body and work in circular motions. This opens up my pores, scrubs them clean and leaves a layer of moisture that is locked into my skin. I wouldn’t be without this scrub! – Sarah Simpson, Beauty Editor, Australian Women’s Weekly



Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil, $46

All of Pure Fiji’s exotic oils are worth a look, because their skin smoothing and hydrating benefits are exceptional – just the thing to apply to your body after a shower, concentrating on the bits prone to dryness like ankles and knees. But the best part about this coconut milk and honey infusion – other Pure Fiji infusions include guava, orange blossom and passionflower – is the addictive scent! With a base of cold pressed organic nut oils you can feel good about what’s going on your skin. Adding a few drops to a bath is my favourite way to use it in winter – just watch the slippery tub!

This multi-tasker can also be used as a scalp and hair treatment, so while you’re laying back in the tub, massage some into your roots for a luxe spa-like treatment at home. The downside is you will have to shampoo it out, so a secondary shower after the bath might be necessary or leave in hair overnight for amazing shine and definition. – Megan Bedford, Beauty Editor, Fashion Quarterly