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Skin essenceSkin essences are the latest innovations designed to protect your face against environmental aggressors – and a wash of new products are about to come your way.

Estee Lauder’s executive director of skin biology research, Nadine Pernodet, explains how Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, $120, can give skin brilliant clarity and a silky smooth finish.

What is Micro Essence?
The terms essence and serum both refer to lightweight, concentrated formulas that penetrate quickly into skin and typically deliver powerful benefits. Micro Essence is an ‘essence-in-lotion’. For the first time, we are able to deliver serum-like properties in a watery lotion to address multiple visible anti-ageing concerns.

How can it strengthen skin?
The product’s key ingredient is micro-nutrient bio-ferment (a concoction of nutrients and proteins). This helps to build a stronger skin barrier. Additionally, Micro Essence helps to give an even tone.

What are the benefits to using it in the morning?
Micro Essence will help skin defend itself against the aggressions of the environment.

When should you expect to see a result?
Immediately, from the very first use, skin will be more hydrated and radiant with enhanced clarity. Within four weeks, (clinical testing showed) a stronger skin barrier, a more even skin tone, as well as visible skin benefits such as a healthy glow.

Tip: After cleansing, splash Micro Essence into your palms and press it into your skin. Wait for your skin to dry and then apply moisturiser.