Announcing the new face of Evolu Skincare

Evolu’s journey began as a home cottage industry, with a few humble face creams hand-made by the creator Kati Kasza. From Kati’s creams to a skincare empire, Evlou is now found throughout New Zealand and Asia, with one purpose in mind: to create a range of accessible, natural, feel-good skincare.

Kati gained her understanding of the health benefits of plants from her Hungarian parents. Her mother was a trained botanist and herbalist, and her father was a New Zealand winemaking pioneer.  It was Kati’s parents who taught her to appreciate quality ingredients and the power of well-blended formulations.

Passionate about the power of botanicals, Kati believes in the benefits of using organic ingredients, and this is precisely what inspired her to create Evolu – a simple yet potent skincare range designed to nourish and balance skin. “Evolu helps put back what is lost. It replenishes nutrients, boosts natural defences, renews hydration and vitality,” she says.

The new face of Evolu is Grace Barcelos Owen a Brazilian New Zealand-based model who radiates a very natural, ethereal beauty that really expresses the effects of the gorgeous products.

Look out for the ever-evolving range and the very special certified organic Rosehip Oil, which we love.

Available online through the Evolu website or through department stores, Farmers and selected pharmacies nationwide