Beauty review: East Day Spa 302 Enzyme Peel

East Day Spa 302 facial
Let’s be honest, in the middle of a busy working week, there’s nothing more relaxing than a luxurious facial. Lying in a bed, draped in warm sheets and taking in soothing Balinese-inspired sounds is nothing short of bliss. This week I had the pleasure of experiencing East Day Spa’s 302 Enzyme Peel; a facial treatment that combines a strong-acting enzyme peel with vitamins A and C to rehydrate and brighten, reduce pore blockages and resurface rough skin, gently.

The 302 Skincare products used in the treatment are based on the compound Avogen, discovered by a team of researchers in Guatemala who noted the youthful and resilient texture of the locals’ skin. It turns out the residents had long been consuming a rainforest variety of avocado rich in Avogen – a lipid (oil) that keys on the extracellular matrix that surrounds every cell in our bodies and deteriorates as we age.  302 Skincare has harnessed the Avogen molecule which provides glucose, giving energy to the skin and prompting it to behave more like it did when you were younger.

To begin the treatment, my facialist Autumn cleansed my skin with the Sensitive Cleanser then performed a skin analysis to build a profile of my skin, as well as learn about my current skincare routine. She then prepped my skin for the treatment with the 302 Revive Gel. The next step was the Enzyme Peel which involved two applications of a wonderfully soothing product that was massaged into my skin. My scalp then received a massage of its own and I believe it was at this point that I started drifting off into a much-needed 5pm slumber…  Once those few minutes of bliss were over and the peel had been cleansed off, Autumn spritzed my skin with a calming mist before applying the hydrating mask. And hello, shoulder massage! Sweet dreams ensued yet again.

East Day Spa 302 facial

Once my skin had received its boost of hydration, it was time to wind up the treatment and apply some products to keep nourishing my skin following the peel; Moisture Drops to further hydrate, an eye gel, Ceramide Serum to illuminate and 302’s Remedy Rx to protect and heal. The peel itself is 45 minutes – the perfect amount of time if you’re looking for a relaxing escape from the office – and costs $90. The following day, my skin feels plump, looks bright and refreshed and is incredibly soft – in fact, I’m having difficulty stopping myself from constantly stroking my cheeks…

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Words: Lucy Slight