Botox usage has spiked since Donald Trump was elected

Botox (h)

It would seem political stress is taking its toll.

We don’t need to tell you it’s been a volatile time since Donald Trump took office. The new POTUS is yet to score many wins with policy and as President, his approval rating keeps dropping… and dropping.

It’s a tough situation, and our US sisters (and brothers) are bearing the brunt of it – especially on their faces.

Apparently things are getting so bad that Harper’s Bazaar is reporting online searches for Botox – the injection that softens lines and wrinkles – have hit a 12-year high since January’s inauguration.

Given how fraught with tension this administration’s transition to power has been, it’s no wonder those frown lines are starting to become so deeply grooved.

Dr Tina S Alster, a Washington-based dermatological specialist, told Harper’s Botox is definitely becoming a more popular procedure for those wanting to make sure their (political) stress doesn’t show.

“While there’s always a huge demand for Botox in [Washington D.C], I do believe that there’s been an uptick in the number of people requesting Botox to help them deal the recent change in administration.

“Many of my patients have been returning for repeat Botox injections earlier than they have in the past because they are totally stressed out and want to at least appear as though they are keeping their cool.”

Donald Trump stress

It’s only been a few months since President Trump took the White House and we’ve already seen his administration is fairly determined to implement his populist policies.

That, and a constant barrage of ‘alternative facts’ issued by the US government, is enough to ensure anyone would always have their skin doctor always on speed dial.

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