Gab Davenport shares her skin journey

Gab Davenport on her skin journey with Caci
FQ talks to TV personality Gab Davenport about her skin journey.

Including why she decided to take control of her skin, her treatment experience, and the results she’s had so far:

FQ:What are your skin concerns?
Gab Davenport:
Growing up I didn’t really have problematic skin, so have always been a bit on the lazy side when it comes to looking after it. My main concern now though, is that my skin is very dry and dehydrated; I’ve lost the glow! I also have congested pores which I can’t seem to get rid of and it’s really bothering me.

What made you decide to start on a skin correcting journey?
I guess I’m starting to notice the effects of ageing which has prompted me to look at my skin in more detail and start to give it some love! I’ve never been great at sticking to one skincare range and it has always fallen by the wayside, so I’m really looking forward to putting that routine back in place with some great quality products and regular treatments.

How did you go about selecting a clinic?
I chose Caci for my skin treatments because I wanted to put my skin in good hands and felt confident in doing so with Caci. I have friends who have treatments here too, and I’m constantly complimenting them on their skin. So naturally Caci seemed like the best place for me!

How did you find the treatment?
The treatment was amazing! I had a skin consultation first of all to properly assess my skin and discuss my concerns. I then had an AHA Rapid Exfoliator facial; aside from it being a completely relaxing experience, it was great to learn about the products being used, the benefits of them and where I can start with my own skincare routine.

How was the whole experience?
The clinic was lovely! As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by three gorgeous ladies (who could sell the dream just by looking at their skin – ahhhhmaaazzzing) and was taken to the treatment room with the lovely Sarah. Sarah was great – she was professional yet very personable, taking the time to explain the treatment in detail, plus the products she was using and how they were going to treat my skin concerns.

What results have you noticed so far?
Straight after the treatment my skin felt incredible – it was so soft and had a beautiful, fresh feeling! Two days after the treatment, I noticed the glow; my skin looked brighter and felt a lot softer than pre-treatment. I’m already excited for my next treatment and seeing how my skin will progress!

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