Model Co FACETAN Hydrating Self-Tanning Gel

Celebrities have been known to go to extreme lengths in the quest for perfection, but a good start is a flawless tan and this is the month to step up the DIY applications:

Quick tip: Need an emergency faux tan before a big night out but don’t want matching streaks on your clothing? For instant red carpet glow, apply self-tan, wait at least 10 minutes, and then dust your body with baby talcum powder; this puts a barrier between the tan and your clothes, keeping both looking pristine for the evening.

For the face: To give your face an even glow, you must use a self-tanner specifically designed for your face. Try the new Model Co Facetan Hydrating Self-Tanning Gel – RRP $39.95. A two -in-one technology, one side (the tinted) is infused with a lightweight, quick drying gel tanning formula containing Melatime, a tanning accelerator peptide, which boosts the melanin production in the skin, without the need to bake in the sun. The other side contains hyaluron serum, super-hydrating, (think of it as a drink of water for your face).  It helps to plump out fine lines leaving your face moisturised, youthful and smooth.

What is your favourite self tan?