Olay Regenerist a new formula that is an energy boost for skin

We’re always looking for new innovation in face cream, and what seems a trend right now is renovating great products to make them even better. Case in point is the latest Cellular Bioenergetics, in the newly updated Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, $50. Quick science lesson: Olay have discovered that, like us, our skin is exhausted. A busy lifestyle, kids and work pressure take its toll on skin, so with the help of science cellular bioenergy our skin can get the chance to look and feel revived and youthful again. Olay Research & Development Expert, Murali Sampath, explains: “In the past decade, science has witnessed a revolution in the field of cellular bioenergetics – the processes by which cells produce and consume energy.” The four heavyweights in Regenerist will work on tightening and brightening skin are Niacinamide, Pal-KTTKS, Lys’lastine and Olivem. These help speed up sluggish skin renewal by boosting moisturise levels, exfoliating, helping with absorption, and brightening.We’re into our third week of our first jar, and compliments just keep coming.