New Dimension range contours and sculpts from within

Estee Lauder New Dimension

Thanks to the addictive nature of social media, we’re always on the lookout for the next selfie moment, or surrounded by snap happy friends looking for their next Instagram-worthy shot. We’re not putting ourselves in the same camp as Kim Kardashian-West by any means, but as someone who is surrounded by cameras almost 24/7, we know she’s intent on putting her best face forward at all times and works a cheekbone angle like no other.

While Kim K has the luxury of getting dolled up by a pro on the daily, most of us aren’t quite so lucky. But what if you could sharpen those angles and change your ‘best side’ to include all sides? Estee Lauder’s New Dimension range aims to contour and sculpt the face from within to have you close-up ready wherever you are – offering both quick fix cosmetic contouring solutions and long term skincare benefits.

The hero product in the range is the Shape + Fill Expert Serum 30ml, $174, a concentrated serum that uses plumping hyaluronic acid, lipids and filaggrin to smooth and add volume where needed (such as cheeks) and structural strengtheners to lift and firm features (think along the jawline). The formula is a cool gel that’s instantly absorbed into the skin and sits effortlessly under makeup.

While this product works cumulatively over time, the Expert Liquid Tape, $124 provides a quick fix to temporarily tighten skin. Like a liquid version of face lift tape – the tape that can be worn in the hairline to lift and tighten features – this version offers a far more user-friendly and less extreme approach. Use along the upper cheekbones and up towards the temples for an instant lift before applying the rest of your skincare and makeup.

For added sculpting and definition, we can’t go past the jewel in the crown – the Shape + Sculpt Face Kit, $92. Create light and shadow with the neutral skin-toned palette which offers a lighter shade to bring brightness to the centre of the face when used along the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and brow bone. The darker bronze tone can be used to slim and sculpt the face and emphasise the hollows of the cheeks. Bring on the flash bulbs!