Skin secrets: Ingrid Starnes

Ingrid Starnes is all for keeping things natural: Her self-titled clothing label uses natural materials as does her fragrance and skincare lines, which contain natural oils and ingredients. In between designing her collections and formulating new beauty products, Ingrid is a mother of three. FQ caught up with this busy lady to find out how she looks after her skin:

Can you briefly describe what you might get up to in work/life on any given day?
I usually get up anywhere between 5.30am and 7am depending on whether I can squeeze in some form of exercise. Then it’s busy getting kids out the door for school and kindy. Work starts between 8.30am and 9am – I work from home so it is very convenient! I work through until around 6pm then have family time until the kids head off to bed around 7-7.30pm. We then start cooking dinner, and don’t often eat till around 9pm which is a bit of a bad habit! Quite often the rest of the evening is spent working, or we try to fit in watching an episode of an awesome TV series we have on the go – if time allows.

What is your skincare routine on a daily basis?
I cleanse with Nude Purify cleansing wash and Ingrid Starnes Vetyver Bergamot body cleanser before using an organic rosehip oil underneath REN moisture day cream. Through summer I wear Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster 15 sunscreen and through winter I find my NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser provides good cover.

What cleanser/moisturiser/eye cream do you swear by?
I love the Nude range for cleansers and moisturisers – they are so gentle and smell beautiful and do not irritate my sensitive skin. And we are working on a few interesting serums and moisturisers of our own that are very exciting.

In the winter months, what’s your favourite way to make time for yourself?
I really enjoy exercising, so escaping for a swim a run or a game of netball is perfect. And nothing beats lounging in a patch of sun reading a great book.

Is there a place you like to escape to on the weekends?
We have a great friend who has a bach in Tairua right up on the mountain, which we try to escape to together with our families as often as we can. Otherwise day trips up to Tawharanui are the best!

How do you care for your skin in winter?
I am very prone to eczema during winter so I have to smother my body in base creams and then layer up with our Ingrid Starnes body hydratant. I also love the pure organic rosehip oil that I get from Harvest Wholefoods, it’s really affordable and an amazingly rich oil. And I love to use hand cream.

How do you combat dry, flaky winter lips?
Sans [ceuticals] Lip Aid – it is the miracle lip cream, the whole family uses it and we are addicted!

What have you learnt about skin that you wish you had known when you were younger?
There is no such thing as a beauty regime, everyone is beautiful, it’s all about skin protection and care.

Do you have a favourite hand cream?
Ingrid Starnes Vetyver Bergamot hand cream. We are about to launch the hand cream in a beautiful aluminium tube which is super convenient.

Do you have a favourite bath or shower product?
I think that our body cleanser is one of my favourites from the range, it is so gentle and the smell is really intoxicating when heated up. I even use it as a cleanser on my face.

What’s your secret weapon that you know gives you your best possible skin?
Sunscreen and a good hat in summer and lots of moisturisers all year round.

What is your favourite spa treatment and where do you go?
Life doesn’t really allow me the time at the moment to have spa treatments. But if I could, I really love a light exfoliation and facial at Equipoise Spa in Ponsonby.

What’s are your beauty essentials for travel?
Deodorant, Ingrid Starnes EDT  and Vetyver Bergamot hand cream.

Lipgloss, lipstick or lipbalm?
I would have to say lipstick and lip balm, I often use these together so can’t go without either.

What is your best ever beauty find?
Sunscreen and happiness.

Ingrid Starnes
Shop 21 Teed St (Opposite Bambina)
+64 9 555 9452