Top 10: Tanners

If you want a golden glow this summer – you have to fake it all the way. Feast your eyes on our top 10 tanning products that will have you beautifully bronzed just in time for the silly season. Some are gel, some mousse and some are sprays, but they all offer the same thing – a long lasting, sexy tan the safe way. Which one will become your summer must-have?

St Tropez Dark Tan Bronzing Mousse, $75

St-Tropez Dark Tan Bronzing Mousse

St-Tropez Dark Tan Bronzing Mousse

THE GREEN-BASE = This mousse formulation is green tinged meaning your tan doesn’t throw an orange-glow, but a more believable natural tan once it’s developed. For those who are olive and want a boost of bronze, this is the tan for you.

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