YSL creates Instagram magazine

YSL's new Dare and Stage magazine on Instagram.

YSL Beauty introduces Dare & Stage, an Instagram magazine that we anticipate will be a social media gamechanger.

Each week YSL Beauty pick a theme and turn their feed into a frenzy of stories and columns featuring innovative writers, bloggers, designers, photographers, muses and more, all in the style of a classic glossy magazine… but on Instagram.

So far the themes have centered on beauty and strength, with the first issue drawing on the YSL Beauté Woman concept in line with 2016’s International Women’s Day.

Dare & Stage is a more refined and elegant way to Instagram, yet more casual and interactive than an actual magazine.

And even though the ‘Instamag’ is still in its early stages, we can foresee big changes in the Instagram, beauty and fashion world, thanks to YSL.

Words: Tashjian Barklie
Photos: Instagram