Katie Sturino talks body positivity and famous pets

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Katie Sturino

Body-positive influencer, founder of cult beauty brand Megababe and mother to insta-famous dogs, Katie Sturino puts it all on the line. The stylish New Yorker talks to Jessica-Belle Greer.

Katie Sturino’s first internship may have been with Chanel, but she’s quick to call out the fashion industry for its shortcomings in making stylish clothes for all sizes.

She has successfully turned her social-media following – currently 392K on Instagram – into real-life social movements, exposing brands that don’t offer large enough sizes with the #makemysize campaign, and launching inclusive beauty brand Megababe.

The latter offers stylishly packaged products including the Thigh Rescue anti-chafe stick and the waitlist-worthy natural deodorant Rosy Pits.

Katie first fell in love with online communities through posting on her celebrity pup’s Instagram, the late Toast Meets World, the cavalier King Charles spaniel with the signature floppy tongue helped raised awareness and funds for puppy-mill rescues. (She’s now mum to spaniels Muppet, Cheese and Crumb).

But it wasn’t until the entrepreneur’s divorce from Josh Ostrovsky, also known as @thefatjewish, that she began to take her own account (previously called The 12ish Style) more seriously.


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Two years and a new engagement later, the New Yorker has been on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery. The best styling advice she’s learnt along the way? “Put your confidence on first!”

Is the fashion industry getting better at providing fashionable styles for all sizes?

Yes and no! We’re a light year ahead of where we were even five years ago. However, I still cannot shop in real life in NYC without targeting a few specific stores that welcome me.

Why is it important that women of all sizes are represented on social media?

Women often see a style or like the way another woman dresses but think they can’t pull it off because they don’t have the same body type. I just try to show them that style does not have a size!

What excites you about social media?

I love connecting with people! I love hearing people’s stories. I love to see their progress and hear about their experiences. I find social media to be an incredibly powerful tool for positivity if you make it work for you in that way. Finding your tribe, so to speak, means that you can feel accepted rather than feeling like you are on the outside.


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Are there any issues you see with the body-positive movement?

I think some brands want to capitalise on it rather than do the work to offer a good extension of sizing and representation.

How do we find our confidence?

Pay attention to what makes you feel bad from the outside (is it a certain person you follow, is it a show, a magazine, a friend you spend time with?) and try to limit exposure to that negative source. Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself. Those are great places to start!

How do you stay fit and healthy?

My friend and I have started Babebody, a club for inclusive fitness. I like to work out and I feel like the plus community doesn’t always feel welcome in boutique fitness. We want to change that!

This story originally featured in Fashion Quarterly Issue 2 2019

Words: Jessica-Belle Greer
Photo: Supplied