This marathon has over twenty wine stops and suddenly we feel okay about running a marathon


This is one marathon we can’t wait to partake in.

While most marathons involving gruelling prep, aching bodies and blood, sweat and tears, we’ve stumbled across one marathon that is a lot less about endurance and little more about enjoyment.  The Marathon du Médoc has been operating since 1985 in the South of France – and if the location isn’t enticing enough, just wait ’til you hear what the event entails…

All about “la belle vie” or the good life, the marathon features mini celebrations and fetes scattered throughout the course. Don’t think about the competition, think about the experience, because as a participant you’ll be able to stop to enjoy over twenty different wine spots, with each including a range of food and music.

According to Secret London, last year’s food was oh-so-French and included a selection of croissants, meat, oysters, cheese and ice creams for participants as they waddled their way through the course.


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Oh, and did we mention fancy dress is also essential? So naturally, we suggest grabbing some of your nearest and dearest friends and making a trip to France to compete in the race.

But before you get too excited, please take note there is a tiny bit of exercise involved with participants required to finish the race in under six and a half hours. Ample time for wine-sampling and food-enjoying we hope. Just take care to not get the stitch!

Pre and post-marathon prep are also very important to the event with participants being offered the chance to attend a pasta and wine-based banquet at one of the many local French chateaus the night before. Then you can drown your sorrows the day after with a 10k recovery stroll around some of the best vineyards in the region, all while enjoying another feast.

Is this just about the best marathon you’ve ever heard of? We think so!

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