Celebrity super-stylist B Åkerlund shares what’s on her creative radar

Stylist to the most fashionable stars, from Lady Gaga to Madonna and Beyoncé, B Åkerlund knows a good fashion find when she sees it.

With her celebrity showroom The Residency Experience, the Stockholm-raised, LA-based creative is behind many show-stopping looks. The roll call ranges from dressing Lady Gaga for her Paparazzi music video, making Beyoncé a Queen for a new tour announcement, styling Madonna’s stage shows and even sewing Cardi B into her theatrical Thom Browne gown and helmet at the Met Gala 2019.

While she works with the biggest names in Hollywood and in fashion, the self-described fashion activist focusses her creative energies on championing emerging talent and avant-garde outfits. It’s no surprise then, B is heading to World of WearableArt in Wellington this September.

As a judge for the spectacular event, B will be on the lookout for new talent to dress her celebrity clients. The lucky winner of the inaugural The Residency Experience Award will have the opportunity to fly to her elite fashion showroom in LA and have up to five of their designs on display and available for use.

“I demonstrate fashion activism by showing constant support to emerging designers, never giving up on avant-garde fashion, and keeping my fashion dreams alive,” the super-stylist writes to FQ before jetting to our shores.

Read on below to discover what has currently caught B Åkerlund’s creative eye:

Style icons
My daughters the Åkerlund twins. Becoming a mother changed everything. It gave me a purpose and new challenges. I learn so much from my children and they inspire me every day. Their creativity is electrifying and a fresh approach to everything. I’m also inspired by Grace Jones, Marilyn Monroe and my mother.


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Favourite local haunt in California
Chateau Marmont.

Favourite vintage store
Saker & Thing in Stockholm.

The one fashion item you can’t live without

Makeup must-haves
My red lipstick.


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Favourite holiday destination
The Maldives.

Where you go to feel creative
My summer house in the south of Sweden.

Best place to breakfast
IHOP for Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries.


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Favourite song
‘Fluff’ by Black Sabbath.

Artist to watch

Emerging designer to note
House of Sheldon. Emerging designers inspire me and they need a voice and support to stay alive as well. I have never been a slave to big brands, but rather always sought out the creativity.


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Career heroes
Costume designer Aika Okashima and Manfred Mugler – they give me life.

Top follows on Instagram
Lynn Ban, @Lynn_Ban
Saint Hoax, @SaintHoax
Witchy Feelings, @witchyfeelings_
Lyle Reimer, @lylexox


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