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Style Insider: Constance Cummings

Constance Cummings on style

Constance Cummings

Creative Director, Love & Object

How would you describe your own style?
A little bit Parisian ‒ laid-back chic. Undone but feminine, never girly and always heels. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so for me it’s important to have something on that’s a little more grown-up and sexy.

What are your jewellery essentials?
I can’t live without a gold choker ‒ because I wear so many shirts and crew-neck T-shirts, it’s something that’s so easy to slip on. I’ve always piled rings on, and whenever I wear my hair up, I wear a pair of earrings.

Who’s your style icon?
The one I’ve had since I was little is, of course, Kate Moss. But someone I’ve recently become obsessed with is Lena Perminova. She wears accessories fabulously and has a unique style. She can be a rock chick one day and a bohemian beauty the next.

Who’s your favourite designer?
I think Karl Lagerfeld does such an amazing job, with Chanel and with Fendi. He’s just a genius. Locally, I love what Harman Grubisa are doing. They’re two young women in business and they’ve got the same mantra as us — quality and timelessness but with a contemporary edge. They use the most beautiful fabrics and they’re not trying to be trendy. They’re just trying to produce something really beautiful.

What’s your favourite city?
Paris. It’s so culturally enriching and even the homeless are well dressed!

Where’s your favourite place to shop?
Being an online businessperson, I’m right into online shopping. But my favourite New Zealand store is World. I love that they’re eclectic and slightly eccentric and I adore what they do with their stores too.

Who’s your fantasy client?
Carine [Roitfeld]. I guess you could say that she’s my business and style muse. I’m magazine obsessed and have boxes and boxes [of Vogue Paris] in my wardrobe [from when she was editor in chief].

What would be your dream vintage discovery?
A perfect Maltese cross [cuff] from Chanel. They’re very hard to find, very hard to find in excellent condition and nobody wants to sell them, either. So that would be my ultimate.