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Style insider: Jaime Ridge

Jaime Ridge

Inspiring New Zealand women share their best-dressed secrets

beauty pr and social media personality

You wore some special Chanel shoes in your shoot, when did you get them and which other accessories in your wardrobe you often call on when it comes to dressing for a special event?
My boyfriend Josh purchased the Chanel Fall 2012 Crystal Heel Cutout Booties for me as part of my 21st birthday gift. It was very special as he saw I had posted them on my Instagram years ago so he found them and purchased them almost a year before my 21st, so they are very special. I just adore them. I find a beautiful pair of shoes, a handbag and jewellery are my go-to pieces when dressing for events. It is often difficult to determine how dressy or casual an event will be, so I often pair a cool pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt and dress it up by wearing a gorgeous pair of heels, one of my handbags and some beautiful jewellery, that way I am never overdressed or underdressed and comfortable but still chic. My black Louis Vuitton Electric Epi clutch is a go to when I am dressing for a special event as it’s such a timeless and easy to wear piece. My Valentino Rock Studs are also a go to when dressing for a special event as they instantly glam a very simple outfit. My tennis bracelet is also an accessory I rock nearly everyday. Classic pieces are what I tend to invest in rather than seasonal pieces…as unfortunately I cannot afford to have both!

Jaime Ridge

What do you feel best wearing when it comes to evening events?
I like to dress for the occasion but at the same time add my personal twist. A beautiful pair of heels instantly make me feel glamorous so I often dress up a more casual outfit with heels, jewellery and a gorgeous jacket.

You’re in the public eye a lot, and you’re always very well dressed. What would we be surprised to learn is also in your wardrobe?
Thank you! I am a huge advocate of the ‘athleisure’ trend, I jump at any opportunity to wear my ‘gym’ tights, sneakers and a t-shirt. I have a pair of Ugg Boots. I also steal my boyfriend’s shirts,  t-shirts and sweatshirts all the time, I probably wear them more than he does. There is just something gorgeous about wearing your boyfriend’s clothes!

Jaime Ridge

You’ve recently finished university and cut your hair a lot shorter.  Are there any other ways your personal style changed recently?
I have been wanting to cut my hair for a couple of years now, but I decided to wait until I had finished university, I felt like it was a way for me to enter the professional world and give myself a fresh look and a sort of fresh start in a sophisticated and chic way. I have also started wearing my heels more frequently and I have adopted a slightly more sleek and sophisticated look, but apart from that my personal style has just evolved naturally.

Whenever you attend an event you are subject to plenty of photos and you always look great. What’s the key to looking good in every photo?
Thank you, I don’t tend to think about it that way but I guess it’s just something I am used to now so I don’t put too much thought into it. I always try to dress for my figure, as I do believe it is very important as certain clothes are designed for certain body shapes. I often find pieces I absolutely adore but don’t suit my body shape. I also try to wear fresh and natural makeup and keep my hair simple – that’s just a personal preference – as I like my clothes to do the talking. In terms of poses, I often am too preoccupied to think about it! My Instagram is probably the only place where thoughtful posing is reflected, as I have plenty of time and frames to get it right!

Jaime Ridge

People might be surprised to learn that you’re actually quite shy, given you are photographed at events so often. What’s the key to appearing confident at an event, even when you aren’t the most outgoing personality in the room?
I am very shy when I first meet people and I often feel very self-conscious, but when I get to know someone, I am anything but shy! I just try my best to be polite and I do love talking to people, as people are so interesting. Knowledge is wealth, so I am very lucky I get to meet so many interesting, amazing and successful people.

Photographer: Adam Bryce
Stylist: Sally-Ann Mullin
Art Director: Marcell Gull
Photographer’s assistants: Richard Symons and Clara Pafundi
Hair: Gabrielle Houghton and Fern Turner assisted by Emma Colthurst from Servilles
Makeup: Kiekie Stanners assisted by Danielle Xi from MAC