These are the 10 best cities in the world to live in (and one of them is Auckland)

Auckland Skyline (H)

No surprise a New Zealand city is among the top three.

Auckland has come in third place in a new survey that ranks the world’s most liveable cities.

At the top of the list was Austrian capital Vienna, which has held the first place position for the last eight years. Switzerland’s second largest city, Zurich, took out the number two spot.

Consulting firm Mercer, who runs the survey, looks at over 450 cities in the world.

A city’s ranking is based on a number of factors including political stability, crime levels and economic environment.

While European cities dominated the list, Vancouver, Canada took out fifth place, and Sydney Australia came in at tenth.

Mercer commented on Auckland’s high ranking, saying the city “nearly tops the list again with its well-balanced economy, idyllic environment, and high levels of personal safety.”

It couldn’t hurt that Auckland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, has great food on offer, and is rich in cultural diversity.

As well as beating out Sydney, Auckland also ranked ahead of Melbourne and Perth both of which made it into the top 20. Welllington took out 15th place.

The full top ten list is below:

1.Vienna, Austria
2.Zurich, Switzerland
3.Auckland, New Zealand
4.Munich, Germany
5.Vancouver, Canada
6.Dusseldorf, Germany
7.Frankfurt, Germany
8.Geneva, Switzerland
9.Copenhagen, Denmark
10.Basel, Switzerland and Sydney, Australia (tied)

Photo: Getty Images