Travel tips from fashion week favourite Chloe Hill

Article by Fashion Quarterly

Chloe Hill

A fixture at fashion weeks and in fashion capitals around the world, New Zealand-born stylist and photographer Chloe Hill flits between here, Sydney, New York and Europe. She tells how she stays sane and stylish in the air.

My uniform

I always wear a hoodie when I fly – usually one from Australian designer Emma Mulholland’s cute casual brand Holiday. Underneath, I wear a simple black thermal tank top, which keeps me warm but doesn’t make me overheat. I also wear Jac & Jack cotton trackpants. One day I’ll be fancy enough to own a cashmere pair.

My luggage

I buy Samsonite soft-side suitcases, usually from the B’lite range. They’re very sturdy and I’ve never had a zip break on me, even though I’m a chronic overpacker.

My passport holder

I don’t have one – they’re annoying and I hate having to remove my passport every time I go through Customs. Instead, I have a Deadly Ponies purse I keep it safe in, along with my international currency.

My pre-flight rituals

I try to squeeze in some exercise right before I head to the airport, and shower before I jump on the plane. That leaves me feeling tired, clean, relaxed and ready to do nothing for 24 hours.



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My in-the-air rituals

Because the oxygen levels are so low on flights, I never push myself to work or do anything that involves excess brain power. I count flight time as downtime and commit to relaxing and watching movies. If I can fall asleep, I do, but I never put pressure on myself – I just listen to my body.

My skincare

I always get on the plane with clean skin. Right now I’m using Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser, followed by a few drops of Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster to keep the moisture in. Then I spray on a moisture mist – Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist from Net-a-Porter is my favourite – and finish with a calming moisturiser. If my skin soaks all that up or I get on a second flight, I repeat it. It’s all about hydration, obviously!

My menu

I eat predominantly raw fruit and vegetables, although I do need a good dose of carbs to keep me full and help me sleep longer, so rice wafers and crackers usually do the trick. As a rule of thumb, I don’t eat plane food – it’s packed with additives and makes jet lag way worse. Instead, I head to a health-food store beforehand to stock up on in-flight snacks and take my own avocados, rice crackers, passionfruit, protein bars, carrots and hummus.


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My last trip

It was a short one – three hours from Sydney to Wellington. What a dream after so many long-haul flights in the past few years.

My dream trip

To tell you the truth, I’m happiest when I’m flying back to New Zealand. I love my time overseas, but what I really want to do is spend a month travelling around the South Island. That seems like such a luxury to me.

My favourite city

Wellington! Internationally, I can’t get enough of Milan. I love how it doesn’t have many tourists and I can immerse myself in local life, and the fashion industry there has been so beautiful and welcoming.


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My favourite hotel

I usually stay in Airbnbs; I don’t have a house, so it’s very comforting being in homely settings when I’m overseas. I have spent a couple of nights in some of Firmdale Hotels’ locations in London and found the spaces so welcoming. Number Sixteen is in such a beautiful neighbourhood and The Soho Hotel is a super-fancy spot if you want to be located centrally.

My best-ever meal

Southern Indian and Ethiopian food in London.

My must-have local dish

Cacio e pepe – pepper pasta – in Rome.

My must-visit museum internationally

Musée Rodin, one of the few in Paris you don’t have to line up for. It’s so peaceful, the gardens are beautiful and you can get a mean raspberry tart from the garden café.

My handbag essentials

Pawpaw ointment, sunscreen, sunglasses, my iPhone and my Olympus film camera.


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This story originally appeared in Fashion Quarterly Issue 2 2019.

Photos: Chloe Hill