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19 ultimate dinner party guests

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Mates Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can come over to ours for dinner anytime

1. Ab Fab’s Patsy and Eddie because they would bring the Bolly.
2. Graham Norton for the camp humour and naughty giggles.
3. Kanye West: he’s bound to bring some real-life diva drama.
4. And Kanye can bring Kim Kardashian, just so we can just ask her ‘why?’
5. Nora Ephron, because she was the best for life lessons.
6. Choupette the cat, so we can learn what Karl Lagerfeld is really like and perhaps she’ll bring a handbag instead of a bottle.
7. Tina Fey because she is just all-round awesome
8. Victoria Beckham for her fashion advice – and who doesn’t want to see if she’ll crack a smile.
9. Oprah because everyone loves Oprah.
10. Nigella – she’s bound to top up your wine glass and help out if you burn the gravy.
11. Angela Merkel, so we could find out what it’s like being the most powerful woman in the world.
12. Duchess Catherine because she’ll need time out from the baby and a place to moan about the in-laws.
13. Frida Kahlo for her art and her wild streak.
14. Arianna Huffington because she knows about pressure and how to switch off.
15. Jesus for the unanswered questions and lively debate.
16. Ernest Hemingway because we don’t want to be the drunkest one there.
17. Bill Cunningham so he could take the best party pics.
18. Everyone who has ever been mean to us so they can see how cool our lives are without them.
19. Amy Poehler – because she’s just as cool as her mate Tina Fey.

From the editors of NEXT.