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5 Instagram accounts you need to follow this week

5 Instagram accounts you need to follow this week
Some days you just need a LOL-worthy meme…

It’s always refreshing when we come across an Instagram account that can make us laugh, inspire us or help us escape our own lives even if just for a few seconds.Here are the five Instagram accounts we’re obsessed with this week:

1) @kanyedoingthings – An oldie but a goodie. Who doesn’t want to keep up with Kanye West’s day-to-day? He may just be eating Captain Crunch cereal or holding an umbrella, but for some reason, it’s SO FUNNY.

Kanye holding a dog very seriously

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2) @stonefoxbride – Whether you’re single, engaged or married, this account will have you feeling all the feels. Followers submit pictures of their engagement rings and tell the story behind the accompanying proposal. Some are romantic, some are funny, some are kinda cringe-worthy but all are very sweet.

3) @satiregram – Er, so we might be guilty of 80% of the Instagram user generalisations made on this page, but that won’t stop us from appreciating this account (or from posting that new pair of shoes, dammit!)

4) @menandcoffee – This account combines two of our favourite things: a caffeine kick and some very beautiful men.

On the move.. Photo of @andreadenver3 Click the link in my bio for access to a secret #menandcoffee photo gallery!

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5)  @mydaywithleo – Joel Strong’s commitment to his account should be commended. To date, he’s posted 493 images with cutout celebrity heads floating on real-life bodies. His stop-motion videos in particular, are a treat (“Drake” doing yoga in Central Park is a good place to start).

part 1 #mydaywithkanyedoingwatersports @vitacoco #vitacocobeach

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