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7 Must-Follow Creative Instagram Accounts

Instagram creative

Looking to add a bit of artistic flare to your life? These colourful creatives have DIY in their DNA and their Instagram accounts are nothing short of inspiring.

A Pair and a Spare

A Pair and a Spare originally began as a blog created by Geneva Vanderzeil as a journal for her many creative DIY projects. Fast forward 7 years and she has published a book, designed a shoe collection and worked with brands including Visa and Coach to help them create interesting, unique content. Her Instagram is a delightful mix of images from her DIY projects and lust-worthy travel destinations.

A Beautiful Mess

Founded by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle company for women that aims at ‘creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle’. From home décor projects and crafts to delicious recipes and lifestyle tips, A Beautiful Mess is one inspirational account you can’t afford not to follow.

Kelly Thompson Creative

Kelly Thompson is an illustrator and creative director from New Zealand who is currently based in Melbourne. Her style is exceptionally unique and her work has been used in campaigns for the likes of Escada Paris, Nike, Covergirl and Mimco. Kelly’s account consists of bold, brightly coloured illustrations contrasted by soft, black and white sketches and will definitely brighten up your feed.

Red (Hong Yi)

The artist who paints, but not with a paintbrush… Red Hong Yi creates alternative media artworks that are both beautiful and completely unconventional. She has been employed by companies as large as Google but her most notable artwork has to be the portrait ‘Teh Tarik Man’ she constructed for The World Economic Forum made from over 20,000 teabags!

Teresa Freitas

Teresa is a young photographer from Portugal whose distinct style is largely influenced by the ocean. Her work is imaginative, playful and ‘a bit of everything in Wonderland’. Her account is an aesthetically balanced mix of blues and greys, littered by faceless figures that are beautiful and nameless. Definitely worth a follow for some seriously original and inspirational photography.

Happy Mundane by Jonathan Lo

Happy Mundane centres itself around exactly that, the happy yet mundane. From cleaning products to cacti, this bright and bubbly account run by blogger and creative director Johnathan Lo puts a fluorescent spotlight on those everyday items. This highlighter-bright Instagram will without a doubt make you see the happy side of those mundane objects that surround us every day.

Noel The Artist

Noel Shiveley is ‘not an artist’ but his faultless, perfect lettering might make you think otherwise. Noel is skilled in custom tattoo designs and photo/word overlays that are definitely mood board worthy. His ability to match beautiful photographs with the perfect sized text and font type is truly an art and the stencil-like lettering he creates is seriously enviable.