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The most memorable moments of ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6

This season of Game of Thrones was intense.

It created as many questions as it answered and was it just us, or did it seem way, way too short? To help recap and bask in the glow of the wildfire a little longer, we’ve compiled a list of the most memorable moments throughout the season… It goes without saying that there’s some spoilers here, so read on at your own risk.


When Melisandre turned out to be really, really old – Episode 1
We still need answers for this one. What does this mean?

Ned, Lyanna and Benjen as children

When Bran warged back in time to see Ned Stark and his siblings as children – Episode 2
This not only showed us more about three characters that are dead and that we know very little about – Ned, Brandon (Ned’s brother) and Lyanna – plus Benjen Stark, but it showed us the extent of the power of warging.


When Jon came back to life – Episode 2
When we found out Jon was still on the show (and consequently, so was Kit Harington), we were SO. EXCITED. It had to happen though, he is everyone’s favourite.


When Daenerys burnt the house of the Dosh Khaleen to the ground – Episode 4
When our Khaleesi burned the house of the Dosh Khaleen to the ground with her captors, the Khals, inside, then emerged from the flames triumphant and unburnt, we found ourselves bowing down with the rest of the horde.

Game of thrones Hodor Holding door

When Hodor held the door –  Episode 5
It broke our hearts to see Walder (young Hodor) lose his speech to his future self being warged. And it hurt even more so to see him be lost to the walkers as he held the door for Bran and Meera to get away. Hodor forever!


When we knew Margaery Tyrell wasn’t brainwashed by the Faith Militant – Episode 7
When Margaery Tyrell gave her grandmother Olenna a note with a single rose on it, we knew then she was still playing the game for team Tyrell – and that there was hope for her brother Loras!

Arya and the waif

Arya and the waif’s stand-off – Episode 8
Maybe stand-off is the wrong word as there was a hell of a lot of running involved! But this felt like Arya’s exam after a long time studying and we saw that her skill was fully developed. When she raised her sword, closed her eyes then cut out the candle we saw her prepare to play the fight to her best advantage.

The death of Rickon Stark

The death of Rickon Stark – Episode 9
This death was kinda inevitable so it didn’t hurt us as much and probably so too for Sansa and Jon. But he was still their little brother and it only fueled their anger at Ramsay even further, which can only be a good thing going into battle. Of course, in their minds this was their last true-born brother… little do they know that Bran is coming for them, just north of the wall.


The Battle of the Bastards – Episode 9
As soon as we knew this was going to happen, it automatically became our favourite scene. And when it was as actually as epic as we hoped it would be, it became one of the best scenes ever in Game of Thrones history. Make that television history.


When Jon nearly beat Ramsay to death – Episode 9
He really just did what everyone else was thinking. But then he stopped to let Sansa finish him later? How thoughtful.

Sansa watches Ramsay's death

The death of Ramsay Bolton – Episode 9
FINALLY someone managed to finish Ramsay off. The fact that it was Sansa made that all the more satisfying. Yet when she stayed to watch, we saw she had taken on some of his personality… we hope not. And was he hinting at a pregnancy when he said “I’m a part of you now”? It certainly sounds like it…

Dracaerys Danaerys Burns the ships

When Daenerys burnt the masters’ ships – Episode 9
When Daenerys got on her dragon it was exciting and when she commanded Drogon “Dracaerys”, it gave us chills. This is the moment we had been waiting for ever since the dragons hatched!

Greyjoy alliance with Daenerys

The Greyjoys team up with Daenerys – Episode 9
We like this alliance. And the slight flirtation between Yara and Daenerys was fun too – “I never demand but I’m up for anything really”. You go girlfriends!

Arya Kills Walder Frey

Arya avenging the Red Wedding – Episode 10
Walder Frey finally got what was coming for him. We (of course) had no idea that the serving girl was actually Arya. But why was she flirting with Jaime Lannister?

the fall of the great sept of baelor

The fall of the Great Sept of Baelor – Episode 10
The build up to this was excruciating: Watching Lancel Lannister crawl toward the dwindling candles and fail to produce enough breath; the High Sparrow fumbling about and preventing an evacuation. And then we had to watch one of our favourite characters, Margaery go up in a poof of green smoke. All for Cersei’s ego.

Jon Snow Parentage

When we found out that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark – Episode 10
This has been a fan theory since season one. And now it has been confirmed, we can find other things to speculate about. This also disproved the rumour of Jon and Meera Reed (Bran’s companion) being twins, Howland Reed having been a friend of Ned Stark. Of course this didn’t confirm who Jon’s father is but theories have said that Rhaegar Targaryen, Danaerys’ older brother, is his father. How are we going to wait another year until we get these answers?!

Edit: we didn’y have to! HBO released a family tree revealing the parentage of Jon Snow’s father to be Rhaegar Targaryen.

Words: Alex Blackwood