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On our radar: Thank Krug It’s Five O’Clock

Thank Krug It's Five O'Clock
Get ready to swap those after work pints and chips for something more sophisticated.

A flute of Krug accompanied by exciting food pairings will be your new go-to if you’re looking to wind down the workday on a win – hey, you deserve it after a hard day stuck in the office!

Thank Krug It’s Five O’Clock (#TKIF) is back for 2015, taking place from 5pm each weekday throughout November and December at select locations. Traditionally, Krug is only available to buy by the bottle, so it’s a great opportunity to wrap your taste buds around the world’s best-rated House of Champagne and experience exceptional Krug by the flute.

Capping off the luxury experience is an exciting food pairing with different menus offered at each location. Excitingly, The Grove’s head chef Ben Bayly has created a unique spin on classic French fries: freeze-dried Krug champagne results in an out-of-the-box seasoning… and the most luxurious hot chips you’ll probably ever have. Our verdict? Let’s just say it is definitely FQ’s new favourite combo.

Thank Krug It’s Five O’Clock will be available in Auckland at both The Grove and Ostro until the end of December 2015. You can also indulge down south at Christchurch’s Bloody Mary’s and No’5 in Queenstown. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the working day – #TKIF!

• #TKIF is available from 5pm, November and December 2015 in select locations:
Auckland: The Grove $65 by the flute (with complimentary French fries with the purchase of two flutes) and Ostro, $60 by the flute.
Christchurch: Bloody Mary’s $49 by the flute.
Queenstown: No.5 Queenstown $42 by the flute.