This is the new spritz cocktail you’ll be fizzing over this summer


Looking for your next refreshing summer tipple? We’ve found it.

If you have done your dash with Rosé, if a G&T no longer floats your boat or if you just cannot fathom yet another summer staring down the face of that other famous spritz (you know the one), we’ve got great news for you.

Lillet, a classic wine-based aperitif from Bordeaux, has been making big waves in Europe over the summer and is set to do just the same here as the warmer months set upon us. (Hey, and if Goop says it’s the next big thing, we believe it!).


Established in 1872 by French fine wine merchants Raymond and Paul Lillet, it is steeped in traditional methods passed on from generation to generation, with the cellar masters carefully selecting the best wines each season to blend with fruit liqueurs.

Best served on ice with a fresh fruit garnish, Lillet is incredibly versatile – you can either combine with sparkling water or tonic for the perfect spritz pick-me-up on a hot sunny day; or for something slightly more intense, it can also be teamed with gin or vodka for a truly aromatic cocktail.

And with two flavours – Lillet Blanc, with a soft honey and orange taste; and Lillet Rosé, which has more of a berry and grapefruit zest – there’s no chance of getting flavour fatigue, as you’ll be able to switch it up to your heart’s content.


If you are keen to try the drink of the summer (we recommend it as a way to kick off a warm, balmy evening), head to Soul Bar & Bistro in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour for the month of October, where their ‘Le Jardin by Lillet’ pop-up will serve up a selection of Lillet spritz cocktails, which you will be able to #LilletYourWay and garnish with a selection of flowers and fresh fruit.

Photos: Supplied