15 questions we’d like to ask the fashion gods

Article by NEXT

These fashion questions take up more space in our brain than we’d care to admit:

Fashion Questions we often wonder about

1. Will Jimmy Choo ever open up a No 1 Choo Warehouse with some nice hefty discounts?

2. What anti-frizz hair product does Anna Wintour use?

3. Crocs. Why?

4. Did Marilyn Monroe really wear just Chanel No 5 to bed… or did she own a pair of fuzzy pyjamas?

5. Which idiot came up with the term ‘plus size’?

6. Just on that, why do designers go on about how much they love women’s bodies but put 16-year-old models in their creations on the catwalk?

7. Did Audrey Hepburn ever say, ‘I’m sick of wearing the little black dress?’

8 . Who exactly is the most fashionable woman in the world?

9. Dry-clean only – whose ridiculous idea was that?

10.  Satin… why is such a pretty fabric so unforgiving?

11. Silk… why is such a pretty fabric unable to be friends with your armpits?

12. What did Karl Lagerfeld wear to his high school ball?

13. Why is it so hard to find a knee-high boot for petite legs?

14. Why is it so hard to find a knee-high boot for curvaceous calves?

15. Will ‘strapless’ anything ever actually work without having to be adjusted every five minutes?

From the editors at NEXT