5 minutes with Liz Wilson of Eugenie

Liz Wilson of Eugenie

Eugenie designer Liz Wilson proves there is no rest for the wicked at New Zealand Fashion Week.

What is the inspiration behind the collection you are sending down the runway at NZ Fashion Week?
I’m always inspired by women with character, wit and strength. This range has a flavour of Debbie Harry, a bit of Charlotte Rampling and just a tiny bit of John Voight in Midnight Cowboy – I love that film.

What’s your favourite piece from this collection?
I’m loving the velvet slip dresses, and the denim. I always look forward to seeing the denim come back from being stone washed.

What are you most looking forward to about the week?
Having fun with the show, seeing the looks on the models of my dreams and meeting some new faces.

Eugenie option 1

What will be your playlist behind-the-scenes?
I’m listening a lot to the new Kasper Bjørke album, Fountain of Youth. That, and Rihanna – she goes in the headphones on the way to work.

How big is your support crew for the show?
I have so many amazing volunteers who have helped me, it wouldn’t be possible without the people who have volunteered. It’s humbling having so many incredible helpers. Officially it’s just me and Roshannah, but there are probably about 15 others who have given me their time, support and advice.

How do you plan to relax after the week has drawn to a close?
By making a summer collection – no rest for the wicked.  I’m a bit late with that one but I’m really looking forward to some breezy summer pieces. To actually relax I’m going to chain watch Fortitude and re-watch Stranger Things.

Words: Jessica Belle
Photos: Heather Liddell and Adam Bryce.