Fashion icon Cindy Crawford shares insights into her career and family in this exclusive interview

Model, businesswoman and longtime Omega ambassador Cindy Crawford is an icon of elegance and timelessness.

The 53-year-old is the luxury brand’s longest-serving face, an ambassador since 1995 when she signed at the height of her supermodel fame.

In 2017 Cindy Crawford was joined by her daughter and burgeoning modelling superstar Kaia Gerber, with the lookalike pair appearing alongside Cindy’s husband Rande and son Presley in a campaign.

Top model Cindy Crawford in Omega workshops in Bienne_1996

Cindy Crawford in Omega workshops in Bienne in 1996.

Cindy also features alongside actors Nicole Kidman and Liu ShiShi, and model Alessandra Ambrosio in the new campaign for Omega’s Constellation Manhattan collection. Released in 1982, a modernised version of the feminine timepiece features a Swiss Made Master Chronometer timepiece and 18k gold and diamonds; made to be worn like a treasured piece of jewellery.

It’s a favourite style of Cindy’s, who says that while she doesn’t keep count, she likely has between 15 to 20 Omega watches of her own.

She shares an insight into her career, success and motherhood with Fashion Quarterly.

How do you succeed in teaching your children real values while working in such a beauty-based industry?

What I always say – and I don’t know if I’m right, because my kids are still kids, so ask me in 10 years if I was successful or not! – is that kids don’t really listen to what their parents say, but they watch everything that you do. So if they see that you are polite to people, they are polite; if they see that you work hard, I think they do the same. So for my husband and I, the main thing is modelling good behaviour and, hopefully, some of it sticks.

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What important lessons have you passed down to Kaia?

The lessons that I try to give both my children, they’re more like values: be on time, be respectful, stay off your phone. I think so many young people miss out on the moment because they’re like this. Some of the best friends that I’ve made in the fashion industry are the hairdressers and makeup people, because you walk in in the morning and maybe you didn’t get enough sleep or you have a pimple. You feel insecure or whatever, then you sit down in the makeup chair and these people, their job is to make you gorgeous, not just from the outside; they really help boost your self esteem and listen to your problems. You can make those great friendships, so I encourage my children to make those connections.

Having worked with Omega for so long, what impact has the brand had on your career?

Probably the biggest impact that Omega has had is because it has such a global reach. A lot of companies I’ve worked for were more American or Western European, whereas Omega, even when I started, had such a strong presence globally, and especially in Asia. So, for me, it opened up probably a bigger market.

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What’s the greatest lesson you have learned from Omega and would like to pass on to your kids?

I think when you talk about time and what that means, it’s really to value time as a luxury. But also this idea of timelessness: Omega has been a relevant brand for over 150 years and some of the styles are as relevant today as they were when they launched 50 years ago. To be part of a brand that has that legacy, history and quality – they’re the type of companies that I want to align my own brand with.

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How would you describe the latest collection of Omega Constellation Manhattan?

I would definitely say sleek, feminine and like jewellery – like a bracelet, it feels like more than a watch, it’s a real style accessory.

* Omega is now available from Partridge Jewellers. To discover more about Omega Constellation Manhattan, visit

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