Our NZFW handbag essentials – the products we can’t get through the week without

Call us the Boy Scouts of NZFW: Team FQ knows that when you’re on the ground from dawn ’til wayyy after dusk, it pays to be prepared. Here’s what we’ll be toting around with us…

Megan handbag

Megan Bedford, beauty editor

  1. Want Les Essentials Demiranda Shoulder Bag $899, from Superette. The minimal boxy shape of this bag is ideal for me – fits just the essentials, works with my generally black on black outfit approach and again, leaves my hands free.
  2. Lanolips Tinted Balm, $17.50, from Mecca. Dreamy smooth lip balm that masquerades as a lip colour, meaning you get pretty, hydrating product that doesn’t need precision application. The rose colour is my absolute HG lip balm.
  3. iPhone 7 Plus Bandolier phone case, $121. Hands free for the times I’ll inevitably be holding five things at once, but means I always have my camera at the ready for essential Boomerang situs.
  4. MAC Rollerwheel liquid $42, from Farmers. This nifty invention is too legit to quit. Seriously, the little wheel applicator seamlessly slicks on reliably black, matte liner with good lasting power that doesnt take an eternity and a five step cleansing routine to budge at bedtime.
  5. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick, $72, from Mecca. The perfect portable foundation – high coverage but takes two seconds to blend with fingers and gives beautiful seamless finish. Doesn’t ball or ‘pill’ if you layer on a bit more later in the day, I’m obsessed.
  6. Curio Noir Pocket Parfum in Puroto Rose, $40 for 5ml
    I love toting this tiny bottle to re-up my scent throughout the day. This smoky rose is my current signature.
  7. Coffee cards and credit cards. I run on coffee during fashion week and the credit cards get a workout with the occasional meal on the run, taxi or champagne necessity.


Kelly handbag

Kelly McAuliffe, digital editor

  1. My Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s put it this way: If I forget my shoes, I’ll get through the day relatively unscathed. If I forget my phone, then I’m toast and probably definitely out of a job.
  2. A monogrammed The Daily Edited phone case, $49.95. It’s hard to tell who’s who on the front row through the sea of phones (hey, if that runway action didn’t go on your social media, did it even happen?) If you can’t see my face, at least you’ll know I’m there… my initials will be a dead giveaway.
  3. Mophie portable phone charger, $69.95. See above about losing job.
  4. YSL Touche Eclat, $65. When your eye bags start to mimic the size, shape and colour of your handbag, this little gem-in-a-pen concealer is your guy. One for later on in the week post-parties.
  5. La Mer the Moisturising Matte Lotion, $415, from Smith & Caughey’s. Sitting in show venues all day and night with supersonic air con is going to suck your skin dry, no two ways about it. This stuff gives me life.
  6. Red lippy. If I’m wearing red lippy, you’ll know I either feel on top of the world… Or I’m trying to distract you from looking at my eye bags too closely.
  7. Diptyque Eau Rose Roll On EDT, $67, from Mecca. No one wants to sit shoulder-to-shoulder all week with a non-nice-smelling human.
  8. Smythson Yes Yes Yes notebook, $80. When not Instagramming up a storm as is the expectation of the digital editor, I’ll be jotting down my shopping list. I mean, taking down notes for show reviews. Obvs.
  9. Statement shoes. Some people love their children. Some people love their cat. I love my shoes. Hey, I know they don’t fit in my handbag, but when you’ve got those bad boys on your feet, who even needs a handbag anyway?Alaïa Studded Velvet Sandals, $1550, from Net-a-Porter.
  10. Dream handbag: While not at all practical for NZFW (let’s face it, where will I carry my notepad/snacks/spare shoes?!) I am beyond obsessed with Chloe’s teeny tiny Nile bag. It’s just So. Damn. Cute.

Phoebe handbag

Phoebe Watt, features editor

  1. Anine Bing Paris tote, $716. Large enough to hold a lappy, a notebook, a stack of show notes, 200 packets of gum, three empty water bottles, a full makeup kit, half a pharmacy, pockets full of inexplicable talismans (crystals, rosaries) and all the secrets of the universe with enough straps (including the all-important hands-free option) to not buckle under the pressure, this classic style doesn’t scream street style bait but I’ll forgo that for elegance and functionality.
  2. 13 inch MacBook Pro, $2999. ‘Good size for NZFW’ was literally part of my justification for making this extravagant laptop upgrade last year, so I guess I’d better bring it along. I’m confident that when I’m writing show reviews from the comfort of the Laurent Perrier lounge whilst everyone else fights for space in the media room, it’ll be paying for itself.
  3. Ellery 02 glasses, $299, from Specsavers. I won’t be rocking sunglasses inside à la Anna Wintour (srsly how does she even see the collections?) but I’m counting on a pair of chic opticals (minus the prescription lenses, holla at my 20/20 vision) to add some o’ that AW authority to my look.
  4. Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Harlow Red, $56, and MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Fashion Legacy, $50. My failsafe combo for the perfect red lip. Beauty-wise, NZFW is about sticking with what you know.
  5. Jo Malone London Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne 30ml, $116. This handbag-friendly fragrance smells like a dark bar. Call it my sensory happy place in the midst of a hectic day.
  6. Origins Peace of Mind On the Spot Relief, $20, and Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber And Green Tea, $10.00, both from Mecca. Speaking of sensory happy place, these little lifesavers really come into their own when you realise its 4pm, you’ve subsisted all day on champagne and gum, you haven’t felt fresh air on your face for nine hours and following a full evening of back-to-back shows the legendary Stolen Girlfriends Club party awaits. Dab, spritz, and carry on.
  7. Lovisa filigree cross earrings, $17.99. As much as I like to think I’ll manage a complete outfit change between the daytime and evening shows, experience has taught me that at least once I’ll be wearing the same outfit for about 20 hours straight. A statement earring and a quick hair change (hello severe low bun) will make me look pulled together, even if I don’t necessarily feel it.
  8. 2x iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, $1629. Between taking notes, snapping pics, recording interviews, Ubering here, navigating there, ’gramming, shazamming, and blowin’ up the group chat, NZFW is brutal on battery life. Portable chargers are a must, but to ensure there’s no downtime where I can’t FaceTime my lunch requests to someone at the other end of the building, I’m planning on being double-parked on the iPhone front.
  9. Rhodia A5 Classic Wirebound Lined Notebook, $13.99. I might be toting around approximately $7000 worth of electronics, but when it comes to scribbling down notes during a show, a good old fashioned notebook is all I want or need.

Jess handbag

Jess Thomson, fashion assistant

  1. Moyork Power Bank, $89.99. This bad boy has the power to re charge your phone twice. It’s a must, must, must have for Fashion Week.
  2. Tom Ford Beauty Shade & Illuminate in Sublimate, $144, from Smith & Caughey’s. Initially the main reason I was carrying this around with me everywhere was for the huge mirror inside the compact. I then realised that the cream blush is the perfect thing to lift your tired face around 2pm and the illuminator is super dewy which also brings the life back into your face. Perfect to have on hand when there are so many cameras ready to snap you at any moment.
  3. Curio Noir pocket perfume in Purotu Rose, $40, one of my favourite scents in the winter. A tiny bottle so easy to carry around and a little goes a long way because it is essential oils. Two drops of this and you’ll smell delicious.
  4. Glossier balm dot com, in Rose, $12 USD. Not super easy to get your hands on in NZ but I love this product and couldn’t live without out it now. It will be coming with me everywhere for Fashion Week.
  5. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Rose Intime, $66, from Smith & Caughey’s. This is a really lovely tint to the lips that you don’t even need a mirror to apply. Will freshen up the face quickly and effortlessly It can even double as a sheer cheek tint and smells like watermelon. Goes on great post balm dot com too.
  6. Gum. Any, as long as its spearmint. This is an absolute essential for me.
  7. Plasters. It’s guarenteed to rain at some point during this week. Mix that with my completely impractical taste in footwear and you have got yourself some serious blisters. Plasters are essential to getting on with your day without limping.
  8. Peanut Butter Froozeballs. Do I even need to explain?
  9. Mario Badescu facial spray, Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater, $10, from Mecca. If you haven’t noticed I am all about freshening myself up. These are long days and this is what physically makes me look better and feel better. Winner all around and will be in my bag the entire time.
  10. Tangle teezer and a mini Batiste dry shampoo — both being small, light and easy to fit in a bag and carry around. There will be a lot of wind down at the Viaduct Events Centre and a brush is essential. Dry shampoo? Self-explanatory.