Finding eyewear to suit your face shape

Jorgen Simonsen
FQ spoke to Osiris Eyewear designer Jørgen Simonsen about new eyewear trends and how to pick the perfect pair of glasses to suit your face shape.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair glasses, Jørgen encourages people to have fun with their look and dare to be different. “Osiris Eyewear is designed for those who like to turn heads and the below styles are sure to make this happen”, he says.

Here are some tips to help you find a style to suit your face shape…

A round face has fuller cheekbones and little to no angles, with the width and length being similarly proportionate. Angular frames will create a narrowing effect and sharpen softer features. These Osiris Eyewear frames will provide some contrast to those with rounder features and the pop of colour in Osiris Gina or the tortoiseshell pattern in Osiris Sun Rx Enzo will provide a stylistic angle as well.

Osiris Eyewear

Osiris Gina 2 pairs for $369 / Osiris Sun Rx Enzo 2 pairs for $369 

A square face is defined by a broad, deep forehead, a wide jaw and a square chin. Soften angular features with more rounded and oval frames.
Glasses like Osiris Luigi or Osiris Sun Rx Luca will provide soft lines to those with more angular face structures and will look perfect with khakis, denim and linen this summer.

Osiris Eyewear

 Osiris Luigi 2 pairs for $369 / Osiris Sun Rx Luca 2 pairs for $299

Oval faces are evenly proportioned and softly rounded. Try bold oversized shapes or experiment with different colours and materials. This face shape will suit frames such as Osiris Bronte or Osiris Sun Rx Ella that offer contouring and bold shaping to classic features.

Osiris Eyewear

Osiris Bronte 2 pairs for $369 / Osiris Sun Rx Ella 2 pairs for $369


A triangle face shape is narrow at the forehead becoming wider at the cheek and chin areas. Ensure the width of the frame is wider than the jawline to emphasize the narrow upper third of the face. Frame styles featuring a heavier brow line such as these from Osiris Eyewear will provide balance to the triangular face shape.

Osiris Eyewear

Osiris Gino 2 pairs for $369 / Osiris Sun Rx Alma 2 pairs for $369

A heart shaped face features a broad forehead which tapers into a small chin. Cheekbones are high and defined, following the contours of the face. Choose shapes that balance the varying widths of the face like these Osiris Sandro glasses. Translucent frames suit almost all skin tones and eye colours, as they are almost “not there”.

Osiris Eyewear

Osiris Sandro 2 pairs for $299 / Osiris Sun Rx Dario 2 pairs for $299

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