How to choose eyewear to suit your face

Five key tips to ensure you find the right frames for your face:

The frame you go for should complement your face shape and emphasise your best features. Oval faces can wear most frame shapes and have the luxury of being a bit more experimental. Rectangular faces should stick to a wider frame, perhaps with a strong top line. Round faces should opt for a more geometric frame, rather than round or oval shapes. A square face might want to consider an oval or round frame, to soften the jaw line.

The eye should be centred as much as possible in the lens. A frame that is too wide for you will make you look cross-eyed.

Frames should enhance your features. A colour frame can have the same effect as applying lipstick to brighten the complexion. Skin tends to fall within one of two colour bases – blue (cool) or yellow (warm). If you have a warm skin tone, steer clear of a red frame and go for a cooling blue instead. If you are more fair or “peaches and cream” in complexion, a lighter shade frame will suit your face – try pastels, wire or even a transparent frame. If you have darker hair, you can wear a more dramatic frame without them overwhelming your face.

Make sure the frame follows the brow line. If you have arched brows, go for a frame that follows the brow line rather than straight across as it can make you look permanently ‘surprised’.

Make sure it fits! Frames must not be too tight or too loose. Adjustments can be made but, like buying a pair of shoes, if they are initially uncomfortable, they probably always will be.