Alexa Chung has a unique way of storing her shoes


Alexa Chung

Guests, mind your step. As a shoe lover, Alexa Chung has found a new way of decorating her apartment.

We’ve long suspected the style star has shoes coming out of her ears, and in a recent interview with Vogue US, Alexa has revealed that her small New York apartment has become a “glorified wardrobe”.

Although she does store boots and summery shoes under her bed, in tray boxes by Crate and Barrel, her trans-seasonal footwear collection – what we can only imagine is an army of stilettos, ankle boots, mules, ugg boots and It shoes – line the walls of her entire apartment.


It sounds like every girl’s dream,  but some guests can be put off.

“My bed comes second to the house of clothes,” she says. “It’s really scary for boys. They wake up and they’re like, Ahhhh!”

That’s one way to show a date your style priorities.

Words: Jessica-Belle Greer
Photos: Instagram @alexachung