Are your skinny jeans giving you back problems?

Kendall Jenner skinny jeans (H)

Our fashion favourites now come with a health warning.

How many times have our outfits been saved by the skinny jeans and heels combo?

But this solid go-to could be facing the chop, with doctors saying the trusted pairing could be bad for your back.

A new study by the British Chiropractic Association has revealed skinny jeans and heels as well as cross-body bags, parkas – the sort with big fluffy hoods – statement necklaces, and bell sleeves could be to blame for back problems.

The research showed that three quarters of the women surveyed had suffered back pain, many which could have been avoided by more careful outfit choice.

Overloaded and heavy bags were flagged as a common culprit, but skinny jeans – along with other unexpected items – also came under fire because of the ways in which they can affect movement, or directly impact posture.

With pretty much all our wardrobe staples off limits, daily dressing could be now be just that bit harder. Fortunately though, some flexibility is allowed.

“Moderation is best and there are easy ways you can reduce the impact on your posture and overall health,” says BCA chiropractor Tim Hutchful.

“For example, try and limit the number of times you wear skinny jeans or high heels every week so you’re giving your body a break, or try investing in a backpack for days when you have a lot to carry around.”

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