Meghan Markle broke the royal rule you didn’t even know was customary


During the first official engagement with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle stepped out in Nottingham clasping a top handled navy and burgundy bag by the Scottish brand, Strathberry. Gasp!

But what’s so wrong about that, you say? Well, that top handle – despite its beautiful and architecturally inspired design – took the styling choice outside of ‘clutch’ territory, posing a disregard to royal etiquette.


The custom, heavily adopted by the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, requires royals to grasp the clutch often with their two hands essentially excusing them from engaging in awkward handshakes with people they would perhaps rather not.

After all, as protocol would have it, one does not extend their hand to any member of the royal family – be it by blood or marriage – unless the royal’s hand has been extended first.

meghan-markle-handbag-dutchess-clutchThe Duchess of Cambridge pictured above holding a customary clutch on various appearances.

Meanwhile, Markle proceeded to shake hands with the masses.

Under heightened scrutiny, Markle’s seemingly insignificant handbag faux pas has caused a dizzying uproar among avid traditional royal followers and fashionistas alike. Needless to say, the style sold out online almost immediately.

Enter, the Meghan Markle effect.

We saw hints of Markle’s ability to drive sales earlier in their relationship with her 2017 Invictus Games attire causing sell outs, but now that Prince Harry’s put a ring on it, we can only expect this effect to accelerate.

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And if all of this royal tittle-tattle hasn’t piqued your interest, following their wedding in May, the pair are expected to attend to the 2018 Invictus Games which will be held in Sydney, Australia during October.

Which means a presence in New Zealand is imminent, surely? We’re part of the Commonwealth and it’s only a quick flight from Sydney…  Just sayin’.

So clear you calendars next spring as everything will be coming up royals.

Photos: Getty Images