Did Chanel just reinvent the jandal?


A model at Chanel’s show. Photo by Getty Images.

If you thought the extravagant sneakers at Chanel’s SS14 Haute Couture show typified normcore, the fashion house has elevated that meaning with a shoe style that’s already in most New Zealanders’ wardrobes.

At Chanel’s FW14/15 Haute Couture show last night, models walked the runway in glorified jandals, fit with metallic toe straps and Geisha-style bows, just in case you were getting them confused with your average Havaianas.

Considering Birkenstocks and pool slides are on everyone’s feet at the moment, it’s no surprise the label has embraced the flat sandal in all it’s foot-baring glory. Although you may just have to stick with the rubber flip-flops you already have – a Chanel pair will have a few zeroes attached to the price tag.

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