Clothes-finder app launches

Clothes-finder app

The ASAP54 app.

If you thought Cher Horowitz’s rotating wardrobe on Clueless was the height of fashionable technology, think again.

A London-based company has developed an app that means you no longer have to pluck up the courage to ask a stranger where they got their incredible floral shirt from.

All you need to do is take a sneaky snap of an item of clothing you like, a piece of fabric or a page from a magazine, and the ASAP54 app searches for the item in its database using visual recognition technology.

If it’s unable to find an exact match, the clothes-finder app will suggest similar items as well as recruiting the help of a team of stylists.

clothes-finder app

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The creator of ASAP54, dubbed the ‘Shazaam of fashion’, said the app was born out of frustration of not being able to find a pair of Chanel sunglasses she’d seen on someone.

“I was also looking for a simple way to be connected to what my friends and muses were coveting. I loved the idea of a sneaky peek into other people’s fashion searchers that I can turn to for inspiration,” Daniela Cecilio said.

Over 150 retailers are already on board with the app, including Net-a-Porter, Topshop, Barneys and Forever 21, who earn a commission on sales.

ASAP54, which was officially launched this week, is available for download here.