Closet confidential: Fashion & style editor Louise Hilsz

Some of our favourite fashion mavens open up their wardrobes and reveal what style means to them.

Fashion and style editor, Simply You
What is your day job?
I’m the fashion and style editor for Simply You and Simply You Living.

Describe your style in three words.
Colourful, unique, vibrant.

What inspires your look?
As soon as I view a collection I’m instantly drawn to colour and texture, then I assess the shape and if it will work for me. During international fashion month I definitely get inspired by street style and the runway collections, as these are often clothes you can’t buy in New Zealand. I hate to be seen in what other people are wearing.

How do you organise your wardrobe?
By clothing type: jackets, dresses, skirts and denim. I also put clothes into storage when the seasons change.

What is one item you could never throw away?
My purple Bess leather jacket. It cost me a fortune but I have worn it to death. Bess closed down so I cherish it even more.

Are you a hoarder or a cleanser?
For years I used to churn through items in my wardrobe selling them to make way for more, but now I have become a hoarder. You never know when you might want to wear something again.

What is your advice to someone wanting a style makeover?
Assess your body shape and dress for it. Don’t follow trends for the sake of it – if your body doesn’t suit the style then it will never work. Always dress to impress yourself not anyone else.







From the editors of Simply You Living.