Fashion student 3D prints her entire collection

Friday night wardrobe dilemmas might soon be a thing of the past if this fashion student’s collection is any indication of what the future holds – all you will need is a 3D printer (or three), a substantial amount of spare time and plenty of imagination.

Tel Aviv fashion student Danit Peleg recently produced her entire graduate collection using basic 3D printers intended for home use. The collection, which consisted of five looks, took approximately 2,000 hours of printing time – not including test runs – with three printers running 24/7 in order to have her designs ready in time to meet the school’s deadline.


“I was always interested in the connection [between] fashion and technology, so my work was about laser cutting and 3-D printing,” Peleg told Fashionista.

Peleg, at the time a student at Shenkar College of Design, spent approximately nine months on the project, sourcing appropriate materials and designing the looks using graphic design software. She then pieced together the individual textiles in what we assume to be a rather painstaking process. The final result is an eye-catching collection, that moves like no other fabric can.

Understandably, after all that work, the designs are not for sale – and if they were, Peleg admits they would “not be going for cheap”. However, Peleg is interested in potentially selling the files she used to create the garments – definitely an interesting prospect for the future of fashion retail… and perhaps the solution to our daily “I have nothing to wear” predicaments!

Take a look at the video below to see all five final designs: