First look: 70s flavour for Glassons’ edt. #5 collection


Boutique brand edt. from local fast fashion go-to Glassons, is about to launch #5, the fifth collection of the label’s desirable higher end design-led pieces, and we have your exclusive preview.

With soft knit sweater dresses, oversized boyfriend and fluted-sleeve jumpers, mid-blue cropped denim, tube skirts and a ribbed skivvy, the range, designed by Glassons’ design manager Kiriana Pettersen, was loosely inspired by the ’70s flavour also underpinning many high fashion collections right now.

“I feel that the ’70s was defined more by a spirit, not a look or a person,” says Pettersen, who designed for Topshop in the UK before joining Glassons two years ago. “It was a time of optimism, a life less regulated and a belief in being authentic.  From this came a feeling of effortlessness, not trying too hard. Ultimately, this sense of not trying too hard has become the modern sexy.”

Blue denim in the perfect ‘seventies blue’ shade is particularly successful in this range with a panelled mini dress and playful pair of statement overalls the highlights of a collection that is more casual than the silk dresses and work-perfect shirts of previous edt. releases.

For the first time, edt. also includes several jewellery pieces for which the company called on the talents of up-and-coming jewellery designer Michelle Isgrove of Keep Me Wild. Michelle also works in the Glassons team at the brand’s Albany store, so it’s great to see the company supporting the emerging talent of one of its own staff.

To find out more about the inspiration behind edt. #5, FQ got the inside scoop from design manager Kiriana Pettersen.

FQ: What was it about the ’70s spirit that lead to this collection and how does that manifest in the clothes?
Kiriana: I didn’t want it to look like a 1970’s dress up collection. Some of the colours and fabrics have a ’70s feel to them, but the silhouettes and details have a modern sensibility. The look book was shot on film at a cabin in California, which lends a retro feel to it as well. I guess I was drawn to it as it’s all part of a look that feels fresh again. The sports-luxe look and tech fabrics of the past few years are out, and a natural look is back. It’s time to chuck out your Nikes and get canvas sandshoes again.

edt. always offers interesting and slightly more high-end fabrics. How have those fabric opportunities been used in this range?
I would say the newest and most exiting fabric additions are in our knitwear pieces. We have a couple of styles in a beautiful linen/cotton blend and the softest wool/silk blends.

Which iconic ’70s figures influenced, and continue to influence, style today in your opinion?
Jane Birkin, Christine Pascal, Joan Didion, Lee Radziwill and Olivia Hussey are all girls of the 1970s who had effortless style that feels relevant again today. There are girls today who embody that same style, like Pernille Teisbaek, Ada Kokosar and Chloë Sevigny. They are all girls who can look amazing in just a simple tee and a pair of 501’s, because they understand the small details and continually know how to reinvent the classics and make them feel new.

What’s the coolest piece in the collection and how would you wear it day to day?
I have many favourites. I love the high-waisted pencil skirt worn with our v-neck slouch knit jumper. They combine to create an interesting new silhouette.

Jewellery is a new addition to edt. Can you explain why you chose to add that now and how you stayed within the overall theme or vibe of this collection?
The jewellery was designed by Michelle Isgrove who works in one of our stores and designs jewellery on the side. I worked with her to adapt two of her pieces for this collection. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with a young aspiring designer. I thought they would be the perfect addition to toughen up the collection. They are tough, but delicate, and they match the effortlessness of the collection.

What are your favourite moments when working on edt.?
It is absolutely when I see someone wearing it. I love seeing how people interpret the pieces and give it a whole new look.

What haven’t you done yet with edt. that you’re excited about doing in the future?
I haven’t even begun to think about the next collection yet. I’ve been too busy worrying about this one! Maybe some leather goods or shoes will make it in. You’ll have to wait and see!

Past edt. items have been snapped up quickly given the on-trend approach and affordable nature so we suggest clearing the diary on Thursday May 28th when edt. #5 lands in selected Glassons stores.

Click here to view the full edt. #5 look book.