What jeans are denim designers wearing in 2017?

For the first time in history, there’s no specific, fashionable denim style. Boyfriend, Mom, straight, flared, cropped, ripped, customised – anything goes.

In Fashion Quarterly Issue #2 2017, denim designers weigh in on why this is. But a few questions remained…


What is the one style of denim that never lets you down, and how do you wear it? “Since I was 10 years old, it’s been a low-waisted, relaxed, tapered fit.  I wear this style every which way: with a white T-shirt and sneakers, with heels and a great jacket or, right now, an oversized, exaggerated length denim shirt and loafers.”
—  Jamie Blakey, founder and creative director at One Teaspoon

Richard bell

What’s your denim philosophy? “If you make great garments using good materials, they should get better the more you wear them, and that’s especially true of denim. There is definitely something about the process of breaking in a pair of raw jeans and making them unique…it’s what makes jeans completely different to all other categories.”
— Rich Bell, co-founder and global marketing director at Neuw, Rollas and Abrand

Chris Cherry

How has Workshop reinvented its signature styles over the years to keep up with (or forge) denim trends? “Workshop has never been a trend-based brand, our focus has always been on the enduring quality of cut, cloth and construction. We just keep working away perfecting our fits and our washes. I love the way denim ages, fades and wears, taking on the personality of the wearer.”
— Chris Cherry, founder and creative director at Workshop Denim


What’s your favourite decade for denim? “I think it’s hard to argue with the 1990s — specifically the early to mid-90s. It brought us some of our greatest style icons and muses in Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, River Phoenix, young Leonardo Dicaprio…and denim was a major part of each of their signature styles.”
— Johnathan Crocker, vice-president of global communications at AG

Jonathan Cheung

What is Levi’s signature denim style, and why does it continue to resonate with your customers? “Levi’s invented the blue jean 160 years ago with the original 501, which is the spine of our company and soul of everything Levi’s. But we also pull upon our own heritage and remaster iconic pieces like these to make them relevant to today’s customers and their modern lifestyles.”
— Jonathan Cheung, head of global design Levi’s Strauss Co.

Words: Phoebe Watt
Photos: Getty Images and supplied