The animal cruelty-free fashion awards you didn’t even know about

Turns out, designers have been under scrutiny from animal rights organisation PETA over the past year – here’s what’s gone down.

From runway movements to red carpet appearances and faux-fabrics to activist slogans, not only is there a growth of designers acknowledging ethical and vegan processes, but People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are going one step further, by announcing which designers have stood out for their initiatives over the past year in the 2017 PETA Fashion Awards.

Designer awards you didn’t even know about were about animal-cruelty


Biggest fashion moment: Gucci announces fur-free future

In October, the luxury brand announced its fur-free plans, joining the ranks of Armani, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney. Largely driven by the ethical demands of its millennial consumer base and their changing purchase habits, Gucci will also be adding diversity in the workplace to its list of triumphs this year.

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Designer to watch: Faustine Steinmetz

During London Fashion Week, Faustine Steinmetz debuted their first catwalk show which shunned fur, leather and exotic skins in her designs, further cementing her brand’s animal-friendly and eco-friendly credentials.

Innovation award: Vegea Wine Leather

Offering a new concept of eco-friendly and animal-free fashion, VEGEA  is the innovative brand behind the plant-derived leather, produced in Italy and made from the fibres and oils of grape marc. Wine and fashion – do we need another excuse to move to Milan?

Collaboration award: Zayn x Versace capsule collection

Earlier this year, Zayn Malik collaborated with VERSUS Versace to create a statement biker jacket, a miniskirt, and lace-up skinny trousers opting for vegan “eco-leather” in the garment construction. Reflecting the singer’s personal style, you can shop the ZXV-infused streetwear, activewear and accessories for both him and her.

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Most progressive luxury retailer: YOOX NET-A-PORTER

In response to customer demands, YOOX NET-A-PORTER announced it would introduce a ban on fur and angora across all its platforms. “We have a strong sense of responsibility and recognise the importance of making a positive contribution to society,” said the group’s head of sustainability, Matteo James Moroni.

Red carpet dress award: H&M custom dress in BIONIC®, worn by Rooney Mara

For the Vanity Fair Oscars party, Rooney Mara wore a gown that was fashioned from BIONIC®, which is an innovative recycled polyester made from recovered shoreline waste. Who says eco-friendly can’t be elegant?

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Couture award: Tiziano Guardini

From raffia and pine bark to recycled fishing nets, Tiziano Guardini employs all manners of natural materials for his Green Carpet Fashion Award couture designs – excluding fur, leather, wool or feathers, of course! If this man’s work wasn’t already on your radar, it should be now.

Best vegan accessories: Matt & Nat

We’re hardly surprised but still thrilled nonetheless with Matt & Nat‘s 100 per cent vegan designs taking out the best vegan accessories award. The brand proves that you needn’t sacrifice substance for style.

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Best vegan shoes: Stella McCartney Elyse

Renowned sustainability activist Stella McCartney produced one of the most recognisable – and imitated – shoes in fashion.  Made from cruelty-free materials, Stella’s signature – the Elyse – remains in line with the brand’s ethos of “being a responsible, honest, and modern company”.

Best faux-fur brand: Jakke

Thinking about jumping on the fur coat bandwagon? Are you ‘faux real’? Fast becoming synonymous for compassionate fashion, British brand Jakke append their coats and jackets with a “Free From Fur” patch, allowing fans to proudly wear their fur-free status literally on their sleeves. Their offering is taking over street-style one corner at a time. And OMG, they’re stocked at Superette.

Best down-free coats: PUFFA

The British brand behind the famous and original PUFFA jackets have gone 100 per cent feather-free, using modern down alternatives that spare animals pain whilst being warmer, lighter and completely waterproof. Ah-mazing.

Best wool-free brand: CROP

Imagine knitting without wool… Well, that’s exactly what Kate Morris of brand CROP did, ultimately going on to produce garments that are made from skin-friendly bamboo and organic cotton. Keep an eye out for this revolutionary as she continues to pick up industry awards left, right, and centre. 

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Best vegan slogan t-shirts: Veganized World Apparel

Eco-conscious and 100 per cent sweatshop-free, Veganized World Apparel is absolutely nailing life on the slogan t-shirt front. Sporting iconic logos with an animal rights-themed makeover, these are a reasonably priced stocking filler to say the least. Fill your boots, people!

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