Time to get Nudie (Jeans) at Auckland City Limits

Nudie Jeans

FQ teams up with Nudie Jeans for Auckland City Limits!

Jeans: the one item almost all of us are guaranteed to have in our wardrobes. They’re our go-to for weekend, they’re our go-to for date night. They’re even our go-to for work (casual Fridays FTW). Safe to say, we love our denim.

And just when we think we couldn’t love our denim anymore, along comes Nudie Jeans. The Swedish brand has a 100% organic, fairtrade approach – their ethos: that denim has the ability to age beautifully. In their view, the life cycle of a pair of jeans differs to the rest of your wardrobe; rather than throwing away at the first sign of wear, Nudie Jeans believes you need to treasure and look after them, break them in, embrace the imperfections and mend them when necessary.

Behind the scenes on a shoot with Rauri from Nudie Jeans, in New Zealand for the pop-up shop at Auckland City Limits music festival.

Behind the scenes on a shoot with Ruari Mahon from Nudie Jeans, in New Zealand for the pop-up shop at Auckland City Limits music festival.


Ruari Mahon (pictured above) and the Nudie Jeans team are coming out to New Zealand and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing them to Auckland City Limits along with Metro and Lincoln University. We are celebrating a pop-up Nudie Jeans repair station right in the heart of the music festival, showcasing sustainability at its coolest and what that means for the planet. Drop by and get your Nudie Jeans repaired, grab a free denim tote bag and learn more about how we can future-proof the planet from Lincoln University.

The Fashion Quarterly team will also be on site, snapping the most stylish festival goers. So get your Nudie Jeans on and we’ll see you there!


Instagram your best Nudie Jeans repair station pic at Auckland City Limits and be in to win Nudie Jeans and a limited edition screen-printed tee for you and your best friend! Tag @LincolnUniNZ and @nudiejeans #LUgeneration on your Instagrams and we’ll pick our favourite.

Nudie Jeans Pop-up Repair store