Fashion firsts: Anna Savelieva

Article by Simply You

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In this continuing interview series, the Simply You team reveal their first major fashion purchase, how they got their big break and career highlights.

Here, we sit down with Simply You art director Anna Savelieva.

When did you realise you wanted a career in magazines?
When I was five I used to love drawing all day long. I remember one day I was waiting for my mum at her office and she gave me one piece of A4 paper to draw on. Well that wasn’t enough for me! I ended up drawing sections of fashion shops on the pages and then stapled them into a little booklet! I think that was when I realised I wanted to create publications.

How and when did you get your big break?
About six years ago, when I finished university, I got my first job as a designer and production coordinator at New Idea and Girlfriend magazines and loved every minute of it.

What was your first major fashion purchase?
I don’t actually spend a lot of money on fashion, so I would say my most valuable piece of fashion would be my mother’s deer fur tribal necklace.

When did you start at Simply You?
One-and-a-half years ago.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Shooting an art collector’s incredible house and holding a plate that was made by Picasso – I still can’t believe that he held it in his hands!

What advice would you give to people trying to get into the industry?
Be passionate about what you love and don’t forget to speak up and give your opinions.